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Acoustic Underlay and Adhesive

Barefoot Timber offers a large range of acoustic underlay’s and compatible adhesives to treat impact noise generated under all types of timber flooring. The underlay we used have been independently tried, tested and proven fit for purpose under all timber flooring applications. We provide both paper and digital certificate for all range of underlay to assist you in finding the most suitable one for your projects and obtaining approval from body corporate when required. Those underlays are carefully chosen by our Barefoot Timber Experts to ensure a more satisfactory effect with a lower cost.

We use and recommend “FOAMLAY Acoustic Underlay” to provide improved impact isolation and greatly reduced reflected foot noise in many application, from high rise developments to single dwelling projects. It also acts as a water vapour barrier.

         – 30% reduction in reflected foot noise

         – Continuous vapour barrier

         – Super tough tear resistance

         – Excellence thickness tolerance

         – Compatiblewith standard trims

         – Low cost

Test Result

Floor Structure Ln, w+Ci BCA Pass
8mm Laminate Floor+2mm FOAMLAY  (Premium) 53
14mm Hardwood Floor+2mm FOAMLAY  (Premium) 54

Floor Structure Ln, w+Ci BCA Pass
14mm Laminate Floor+5mm FOAMLAY (Tuff) 54
18mm Solid Timber+5mm FOAMLAY (Tuff) 55



  •     BCA requirements are for a Ln,w+Ci rating of 62 or less.
  •     2mm FOAMLAY (Premium Grade) achieved a rating that is significantly below the BCA design goal of 62.

If you are or your strict body corporate are after an extreme high level sound reduction effect, We do recommend and use all type of Regupol and Quietstep Underlay which can reach the rating of 42 or equivalent 5-6 star rating.

If you have any questions, please contact us and speak to one of experienced staff.


Barefoot Timber Provides more than 80 types of Skirting and all scotia we use are the matching colours as your floor boards to ensure a perfect look. Besides, all products used are Stain, bleach and scratch resistant, ensuring a long-lasting great appearance during usage.


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