Acoustic Underlay

Acoustic Underlay For Wooden Flooring – Soundproofing Your Home 

Controlling the noise levels is essential, especially for apartments with strict building codes and regulations for the same. Here, at Barefoot Timber Flooring, we bring acoustic underlay solutions for homeowners who wish to soundproof their homes against internal noise levels. Even if you live in a building that doesn’t have strong code legislation, you can benefit a lot by installing an acoustic underlay. Many people call it floor underlay, soundproof mat, acoustical underlayment and other names. Whatever you prefer to call it, we can fulfil your requirements when it comes to laying an underlayment beneath your wooden floors! 

Without an underlayment beneath the hardwood flooring, the noise level could go through the roof. Any floor installer would suggest you to buy & lay the best acoustic underlayment material before installing the timber flooring on top of it. Barefoot Timber Flooring is Sydney’s most trustworthy company for wooden flooring & underlayment installation services. Be it a commercial office, store or residential home property, you can hire us without any hesitation, as we always deliver outcomes that exceed our clients’ expectations! Talk to us now. 

Acoustic Underlayment – Sound Insulation For Timber Floors 

You might be wondering — what exactly does acoustic underlay even mean? Well, it’s a rubber resilient layer that gets sandwiched between the flooring material and the subfloor of your house. And why do homeowners install it? It’s simple! Underlayment reduces the impact of foot traffic and, ultimately, reduces the sound level when you walk through wood flooring. Isn’t it convenient to have an underlayment to absorb most of the impact and eliminate a huge proportion of noise in our homes? 

  • Reduces impact noise
  • Moisture protection for your wood floors. 
  • Helps in thermal insulation 
  • Comfortable underfoot
  • Even levelling of your subfloor. 

Barefoot Timber Flooring has many acoustic underlayment solutions for your Sydney home! We are waiting for your call — so we can discuss the wood floor soundproofing in your home in detail! 

Barefoot Timber Flooring Presents Acoustic Underlay Solutions   

As discussed earlier, flooring noise reduction is important, and homeowners can achieve this aspect with a decent-quality underlayment for their wooden floors. But which underlayment should you choose for your timber flooring in Sydney? Leave this difficult question to Barefoot Timber Flooring, as we have lots of options for you. Our clients can choose any of the following acoustic underlay materials for their homes –

Angel Step Gold 8 Underlay with 6 star acoustic rating
Regupol 5mm Rubber underlay
3mm silver underlay
6mm Black foam acoustic underlay
2mm green acoustic underlay

So, here it is! The brilliant range of acoustic underlayment materials for your timber floors in Australia. You can pick & choose whichever material best suits your budget & flooring noise reduction requirements. Remember, each of these materials is unique in its composition, and our team can help you select the best option for your residential flooring!  

What Puts Us Ahead Of The Competition?  

There are so many floor installation companies out there that it becomes quite difficult to choose one for your home’s flooring acoustic underlayment. Homeowners are often looking for service providers who have years of experience, possess the right quality and can supply premium quality materials on demand. Luckily, Barefoot Timber Flooring ticks all these boxes and more. You won’t find a better floor installer for wooden floor acoustic solutions in Sydney than us right here!

  • We supply & install wooden floors. 
  • Our team can sand new & existing timber floors.
  • You can hire us for stairs installation & decking services.
  • We also fix damaged floors. 
  • Barefoot Timber Flooring provides free quotes. 
  • We have a team of fully licensed floor installers!  

Call us now to talk to the experts at Barefoot Timber Flooring! We would love to explain in detail about timber flooring, laminate flooring, floor maintenance & acoustic underlays. Get a free quote from our experts right now!