Solid timber

The classic style of a traditional timber floor makes hardwood strip flooring virtually fashion-proof. A polished timber floor will look as stylish in 20 years’ time as it does today. It will be in great condition for several decades as each time after a re-sanding and refinishing your polished floor will look brand new again. A study by ATFA shows solid flooring add resale value to real estate properties considerably.

At Barefoot Timber Flooring, we supply different species of tongue and groove hardwood flooring that are properly kiln dried and precision-milled; take care of your whole project from subfloor preparation, site testing, acclimatization, precise cutting and installation, professional sanding and finishing. As timber floor professionals, we will guide you through this complicated process, leaving you with a nice finished floor with a lifetime of enjoyment.


No, you don’t need some special routine to maintain solid timber flooring. You simply have to clean the dust and dirt off the surface from time to time. Similarly, you can clean the solid wood floor with a microfibre mop regularly as well. 

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Yes, solid timber flooring requires nailing the floorboards to the underfloor. These hardwood floors are usually nailed or stapled to a subfloor, unlike engineered floating floors. 

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Our team takes the most professional approach while polishing timber floors at our client's home. We understand that floor care for solid timber flooring must be done carefully, or else your floor may get damaged in the process. That's why our team uses the latest equipment & industry-recommended cleaners for your timber floor cleaning in Sydney, Australia. 

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Although solid timber flooring resists pests & termites, you have to take a few extra steps to ensure its protection.

Mix borax powder and water to make a solution and spray that solution onto the flooring. This solution keeps termites away and your solid timber flooring protected against any infestation! 

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Solid hardwood floors are also referred to as hardwood floors and this is something that we at Barefoot Timber Flooring, specialise in. These are floorboards that are made only from authentic timber that comes from trees that grow at a slower rate than normal. Timber floors made from the hardwood come with a beautiful and fine grain. Compared to other kinds of floorboards, they are heavier. For centuries, people in Australia have preferred hardwood floors. This is because they know that when they install such a floor, it would last for a lifetime. It also helps that they come with a smooth finish after polished and coated onsite.

Why do people like these floors?

A lot of our clients like these floors because of the warmth they exude, and so they want them to be installed in their homes. We offer these products in smooth finishes and they are extremely durable too. It is factors such as these that have made solid timber flooring the premium choice for such purposes. Timber floors also come with another advantage – with time they become more appealing and beautiful. This happens because of how the wood changes its tone with time. We offer both raw and pre-finished timber floors.

Our Products Are Durable and Stunning

There are many reasons our clients may want to buy our products. Maybe they are replacing their carpet that has become shabby and old with its usage. They may also want our solid timber flooring to renovate their lounges and living rooms. Maybe they want to build a new space in their home that differs completely from the other parts of the same. No matter what it is, we make sure our clients get the right product from us. We take the headache usually associated with such choices away.

Our Standing in the Industry

We have been working in the industry since a long time now. We also offer a variety of fantastic options in the region. Our clients can be sure that no matter what they require our experts would help them get exactly that. Apart from installation and supply we also help our clients maintain their solid timber flooring in great condition for years to come. Our clients can always get in touch with our team and be benefited from the unparalleled expertise of our specialists and professionals. We offer free quotes and measurement services that come with no obligation too.

A Note for Our Products

We offer our clients a vast collection to choose from, with respect to colours and timber. This applies to both pre-finished and raw boards. We make our solid timber floors in such a way that they can stand the test of time. They also complement the décor and style of our clients’ homes for decades. All of the timber products are properly kiln dried, and our professional team is taking care of the whole process from supplying the timber to installation, sanding, polishing, coating and staining. Our specialty in solid timber flooring will guide our clients through the complicated process and leave them with the beautiful polished floor in the decades to come.