Transform your outdoor living space with Timber Decking

A simple, well-designed Timber Deck can be one of the most cost-effective and practical ways to enhance your living space. Whether you choose a Timber Deck Terrace extending from the conservatory, kitchen or lounge, or a more complex solution, which can open up the entire house to the garden, Timber Decking has the potential to bring the outdoors in, enhancing your living space!

In Barefoot Timber, we have our own specialists in timber decking installation, bringing you a single source solution, whether your needs require a domestic or commercial timber deck

Barefoot Timber offers the best quality varieties of timber from NSW largest timber supplier Boral. The timber decking species we supply are:

– Blackbutt

– Spotted Gum

– Forest Reds

– Ironbark

– River Reds

– Tallowwood

– White Mahogany

– Stringybark

– Mixed Hardwood

Barefoot Timber has all the skills and experience needed for timber decking, giving you a better experience to enjoy your outdoor space than ever.

Please contact us for more details, our specialists would be helpful in answering all your questions.

We supply solid timber decking from Boral:

We supply solid timber decking in 2 different grades:

Utility Grade
Standard and Better Grade

Here are the range of colours:

Forest Reds
Grey Ironbark
River Reds
Spotted Gum

Not sure what to choose? Contact us to know more about our Decking product range and get professional advice on choosing your ideal floor.

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