Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring comprises several core layers of hardwearing, high-density fiberboard with a reproductive photographic woodgrain layer and multiple top coats of clear, durable, protective resins. Popular with DIY-ers, it is easy to install using a click-together tongue and groove method of joining the boards, typically in a floating floor fashion.

The hardwearing, cost-effective and visually appealing properties of laminate make it an all-round, versatile flooring solution which offers the look of real timber for a fraction of the price.

At Barefoot Timber Flooring, we stock top quality laminate flooring manufactured from Europe with low VOC and all meet European emission E1 standard. We also supply top brand waterproof laminate flooring like Quickstep and Kronoswiss.

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Extremely Durable Laminate Flooring Installation in Sydney

Join Forces with the Best Company for Laminate Flooring in Sydney

We at Barefoot Timber Flooring, know how popular laminate floors are, and we can understand the numerous reasons for the same. It can be stylish, traditional, modern, and rustic – everything that our clients want it to be. As opposed to the likes of the carpets, laminates are a relatively new option. Despite its recent origins, this is one product that has continued to become popular with every passing day. We proffer our clients an array of products to choose from. We provide them with designer collections that can be used with ease in both residential and commercial properties. Our products also come with a decorative print layer that has the resemblance of wood.

We Provide the Best Finish on Our Laminate Floors

We have the best coating on our laminate floors. This makes them comfortable and durable. There was a time when these floors were not exactly at the top, in the popularity charts. However, as we have alluded, the product has gained immense popularity now. A lot of residential and commercial properties use laminate flooring in Sydney these days.

A Few Things to Know About Laminate Floorboards

Laminate can be described as an artificial flooring product that is made from particle board wood. In these cases, the core material comprises high-density boards. They are also made by combining many layers of melamine and minerals that can have great resistance to wearing and tearing. 

The print layer we use on the surfaces of these products is durable. This is how the product can show the beauty of whatever final finish or look our clients ask us to provide. If our clients want a timber-like design, we are enthusiastic to oblige. It is this willingness to give our clients what they want that has made us the top name for laminate flooring in Sydney. These products are endearing because of their affordability and durability. 

The Benefits of Laminate Floors

Apart from the cosmetic advantages that such floors provide, laminate floors are ideal for areas that experience a lot of traffic. This includes both pets and kids. It can be maintained easily because of its durability. This is one more factor that has made the laminate flooring in Sydney, immensely popular.  We offer our clients an array of looks, sizes, and colours to choose from, for their homes and commercial properties. No matter what design idea our clients have, they can be sure that we will fulfil them.

Apart from looking like timber, the high-quality laminate floors, like the ones that our clients can get from us, also have a similar texture and grain structure to authentic timber. On the flip side, it does not cost them as much money to buy the same. It is because of the durable nature that these products can resist the wear, dents, and scratches. The laminate floors use the Uniclic system and so they can be installed with much ease.