Withstanding the heaviest foot traffic at home or in commercial areas and with its authentic look and highest stability level , Hybrid floors are waterproof , and can be wet mopped and installed in wet areas for a seamless look throughout your interior. Manufactured with the most advanced technology, hybrid floor combines the benefit of both laminate and laminate floor and has become an increasingly popular solution for all surfaces in residential and commercial properties.

At Barefoot Timber Flooring, we supply and install the highest standard hybrid floor with the most competitive prices.

Perfect Finish Vinyl Flooring in Sydney

Professional Flooring Services at the Doorstep

The best part about vinyl flooring in Sydney is that it copies the look of the wooden flooring but never compromises the quality. Nobody will ever notice a scratch so easily on a vinyl flooring when he or she opts for quality products. Vinyl flooring not just adds a touch of elegance to a sober looking home or office but is also functional. Its installation is quite easy, and one will be free of hassles when he or she relies on Barefoot Timber Flooring for the installation work. Neither will there be cracked tiles, nor will there be mouldy grout on the floors.

Varying Styles to Choose From

The range of styles of vinyl flooring in Sydney offered at our store is something that compels the customers to keep coming to us for as long as they feel the need for flooring. The various vinyl flooring options offer different looks for the home or office. One may opt for vinyl tiles, sheet vinyl, or vinyl plank flooring that inspires the interior designer in a person, and they experiment with these styles to meet their choices. With several styles to choose from, any homeowner or business owner will easily find the perfect flooring option for their home or office.

Affordable Option

When planning to install flooring at their home or office, people first plan the budget with an idea of how much they are going to invest in their flooring installation process. Barefoot Timber Flooring offers seamless vinyl flooring options at affordable prices that fit the budget of even the small business owners. Given that, most local business owners trust in us and hire us for buying & installing vinyl flooring. Cost is a prime factor when opting for flooring installation and nobody will ever take the risk of disturbing the budget while their office is at stake.

Advantages of Vinyl Flooring

Many people often question why they should choose vinyl flooring and not anything else. While vinyl flooring is a stylish option, it offers the most practical solutions in Chatswood to enhance the beauty of commercial or residential space. The luxurious touch of vinyl flooring is incomparable to any other type of flooring in the market.

  • -Vinyl flooring is an eco-friendly option
  • -It is low on maintenance and requires very fewer efforts from the owner’s side
  • -The vinyl flooring option is durable and will last for years to come
  • -This is a pet-friendly flooring
  • -We offer a lifetime warranty to our customers on our flooring installation services.
  • -Vinyl flooring is very hygienic and never harbors microorganisms and germs

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring from Barefoot Timber Flooring?

One can find the perfect match for their home or office in the world of Barefoot Timber Flooring with the best vinyl flooring options. These flooring options are not just easy to maintain but equally comfortable underfoot. The stylish designs of this flooring with affordability makes it a popular choice amongst the people in Sydney. Vinyl flooring is suitable for residential, commercial, or any business setting and of every size.

Explore our vinyl flooring range today for quality flooring installation services.