Hybrid flooring

Withstanding the heaviest foot traffic at home or in commercial areas and with its authentic look and highest stability level , Hybrid floors are waterproof , and can be wet mopped and installed in wet areas for a seamless look throughout your interior. Manufactured with the most advanced technology, hybrid floor combines the benefit of both laminate and laminate floor and has become an increasingly popular solution for all surfaces in residential and commercial properties.

At Barefoot Timber Flooring, we supply and install the highest standard hybrid floor with the most competitive prices.


Yes, you can lay hybrid floors in bathrooms and other wet areas such as laundry rooms. Thanks to the water-proof core board and a protective upper layer, hybrid floors are 100% waterproof! Besides, you can easily mop these hybrid floors without any worry. 

Call Barefoot Timber if you want professional hybrid flooring services in Sydney!

In many cases, people don’t want to remove their existing tile flooring when they are about to install new hybrid floors. Besides, the entire process of removing the tiles is costly too. And can you lay hybrid flooring over tiles? Yes, you can, given that the existing tiles are in good condition. 

If you are looking for professional assistance, simply call Barefoot Timber for hybrid flooring services in Sydney! 

You will find hybrid flooring in colours such as Natural Oak, Grey, Red, Brown & other shades. 

If you want to see these options in hybrid flooring in Sydney, visit the Barefoot Timber website! 

Hybrid flooring, unlike solid hardwood floors, cannot be re-sanded & re-coated once it starts wearing off.

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Stunning Look Hybrid Flooring in Sydney

Find the Best Hybrid Flooring in Sydney

Hybrid floors are the latest innovation in this domain, and at Barefoot Timber Flooring, we are proud to say that we are at the forefront of the revolution. We have a great range of products for our clients to choose from. Our products combine the finer aspects of various types of floors such as the durability that one gets with the laminate floors, and the rigidness and the appealing & soft look that they get from the vinyl ones. These products provide our clients with the best features of all the different floors, out there. It also helps that these are completely waterproof products. This implies that they can use them in the likes of bathrooms, laundries, and kitchens.

Our clients can always visit our stores and check out our exciting range of products.

Certain Salient Aspects of Our Products

We use the latest technology to make these products such as solid core. Therefore, we can combine the positive values of so many kinds of floors such as laminate, vinyl, and timber in one product. Our hybrid flooring in Sydney is a practical option. They look great, too. It is this combination that makes them such highly sought-after products in the region.

A Few More Things to Know About These Floors

The primary aim behind the hybrid floors is to create a better floating floor for the properties of our clients. We make them by using several layers of materials and pressing them together. We also offer our hybrid flooring in Sydney in a wide range of styles and designs.

The Layers That Make Up These Products

The top layers of these floors are usually UV (ultraviolet) coated and designed in such a way that they can last long.

We make the second layer in these products up of a decorative print that features the design that our clients want. At the core of the product is a composite board that offers stability and shields it against water. The last layer comprises an acoustic backing that makes it so comfortable for our clients to walk on them. Therefore, many people who have hybrid flooring at their homes in Sydney prefer walking barefoot as they find it comforting. This layer reduces sound resonance, too.

Reasons People Prefer Hybrid Floors

One of the top reasons people prefer hybrid floors is the combination of the finer qualities of the different floor planks. Such engineered flooring is the right option for Australian homes. We are proud to say that our hybrid floors have a class of their own. We use the best technology to make them so they can be installed and handled easily. Therefore, they are such a great substitute to the likes of glue down LVTs (luxury vinyl tiles), laminate floors, and solid-locking LVTs. Apart from the regular core structure of these products we also use specialised ones that provide our clients a lot more value for the money that they have paid.