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For centuries, classic residencies and spectacular chateaus have all featured the unique beauty of oak parquetry flooring. Parquetry formations provide these structures unique character and appeal that has truly stood the test of time. It is a timeless yet stylish flooring option, with the patterns of blocks complementing both classic and contemporary interiors while making a feature of the wood’s grain.The unique design and appearance set it apart from all other flooring. Oak parquet flooring has a legacy that can’t be matched by anything else.

At Barefoot Timber Flooring, we guide you through every step of your parquetry flooring project in Sydney, from the selection of parquetry patterns and wood species, to subfloor preparation, professional installation and standing, polishing and staining process. Our high quality parquetry products and professional workmanship will ensure you enjoy the most stunning parquetry flooring in the decades to come.

Barefoot Timber Flooring are also leaders when it comes to parquet herringbone and herringbone floating floors so contact us for any advice or a free quote.

Best Company For Parquetry Flooring In Sydney

Barefoot Timber Flooring are the masters of parquetry flooring in Sydney. This is a flooring technique where we use small timber pieces and arrange them in such a way that we can create a decorative pattern that is geometric. The result of such work is the mind-blowing combination of the outright charm that one gets from a timber floor and artistry that exudes opulence.

The Origins Of Parquetry

It was in 17th century France that this art form came into prominence. It was intended to be a substitute for marble at the home of the affluent, who were finding it hard to maintain their standards. The upper class of that era considered using solid timber floors in their homes. This was because they were not as ornate and expensive as marble. However, times have changed now and there is tremendous demand for our parquetry flooring products and services in Sydney. Our unique and high-quality parquet flooring is designed to suit homes across Sydney, bringing out the best in home interior design.

The Woods We Use For Such Work

We make our parquet floors mostly from these Australian hardwood and European oak:

  • Blackbutt
  • Spotted Gum
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Brushbox
  • Blue Gum
  • French Oak

The price of the product depends on the wood that has been used to make it. Apart from these floors, we specialise in providing engineered herringbone parquetry and Chevron parquetry flooring in Sydney too. We make the solid floors in this case, using solid timber pieces. We make the engineered products using wooden layers, complete with a hardwood veneer that is placed at the top. No matter what style they choose, our clients can be sure that they would get a stunning floor. Barefoot Timber Flooring have a range of parquet herringbone flooring and herringbone floating floors so speak to our friendly staff for any advice you may need.

Check Out Our Oak Parquetry Flooring Range!

Oak parquet is one of the most common types of wooden flooring in the world today. It’s been popular for centuries because it’s durable and beautiful. It can be installed on any type of surface including concrete or asphalt, which makes it more versatile than other types of hardwood flooring.
Barefoot Timber Flooring have an exquisite collection of oak parquetry flooring options for your home or commercial space in Sydney. You can choose the finish and woodgrain for your flooring, or have us choose the best option for you. Call us now and enquire about our oak parquet flooring materials today!

Some Advantages of Parquetry Floors

    • One of the biggest benefits of these floors is how unique they look
    • They are also durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic daily. Our parquetry flooring in Sydney also does not need much maintenance
    • We have been working in this industry for years and have installed these floors at many homes across the region

We Can Make The Difference

Barefoot Timber Flooring know the difference we can make to the homes of our clients with our fabulous products and magnificent services. Timber floors can transform the appearance, décor, and condition of any room we place them in. It also helps that we have a team that is so talented and so passionate about the work we do. We have worked with both commercial and domestic clients over all these years and we have a track record of improving and upgrading the quality and appearance of all the properties where we have worked. We are experts at using the best-treated timbers for such floors thus giving our clients the finest quality.

Easy Installations, Great Finish

We have a team of highly-experienced floor installers for your oak parquetry flooring, parquet herringbone flooring and herringbone floating floor projects in Sydney. Our process:

      • Our team will first measure your space to ensure the perfect size of your new floor.
      • Next, our team will discuss with you which style of oak parquetry, herringbone or floating floor you would like installed.
      • We will also offer you a sample wood before installation and the services we provide on our website.
      • And once the installation is done, we will polish and seal your newly-installed floors for a glossy finish.

Please call 02 9499 8259 or email if you need any advice or to place an order.


Parquet floors are usually installed by glueing them down to the sub-floor. Here are the basic steps required to install parquetry floors

  • -Prepare the subfloor.
  • -Make a layout for your parquetry flooring.
  • -Glue the floorboards to the tiles.
  • -Roll the floor. 
  • -Last, sand the floor for finishing!

If you want to learn more or want a professional parquetry flooring expert in Sydney to do the installation in your home, call Barefoot Timber!

Yes, many homeowners like to match their stairs with their parquetry flooring in Sydney. Thus, if you have a parquet floor in your home, then you can install parquet planks on your stairs as well. Call Barefoot Timber if you need further assistance or a supply of high-quality parquetry floorboards!

Every homeowner wants a distinct finish for their parquetry flooring in Sydney, don’t they? Well, parquetry floorboards have the following finishes:

  • -Brushed and lacquered.
  • -Brushed and oiled.
  • -UV oil.
  • -Lacquered.
  • -Natural oil
  • -Matte

If you want to buy parquetry flooring in Sydney with these amazing finishes, then call Barefoot Timber!

Yes, you can!  This is because the parquetry floorboards are environmentally-friendly and highly durable. But, the wear layer of the parquet floor is thin, so you can only sand the floor twice at best.

Call us at Barefoot Timber if you want to know more or need assistance with the installation of parquetry flooring in Sydney! 

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