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Are you looking to add charm to your house or workplace? Do you want a material as your flooring option that would give the charm of real wood and add glory to space? Well, to all your worries, there is only one option- wooden flooring. This type of flooring has gradually become popular amongst the people for a lot of many reasons. Irrespective of whether you need a classic touch or a contemporary look, wooden flooring is an amazing choice to go with.

What Makes Wooden Flooring Unbeatable?

In the last few years, wood as a flooring option has gained popularity. There is not a single option behind this. Instead, there are many. One of the prime reasons that have stood out, is the availability of different variants in terms of colour, finish, style, and types. In addition to this, as far as the real essence is concerned, nothing can beat the wood for flooring.

In addition to this, the following are some of the top reasons why businesses like us are flourishing when you search for ‘wooden flooring near me’—

  • – Wood surfaces provide an immaculate look and match up with all the present ambience. This has made wood flooring one of the popular choices.
  • – If you are looking for a material that would offer a timeless elegant look, then there can be nothing better than wood. Better the quality more flawless would be the finish.
  • – As far as wood floors are concerned, these are tactile and appealing. These beautiful masterpieces raise the temperature of the room and ensure that you get the look you have been searching for.
  • – Another popular reason why people go for wooden flooring is the availability of different textures and finish. This wide range of availability ensures that the taste of every individual house and business owner is fulfilled.

Choose the sophistication and the beauty you have been looking for in different wood flooring options. Explore the options available.

Barefoot Timber Flooring – One Stop Solution for Wood Flooring

We have been a Sydney based supplier and installer for many years. So, Call Us the Flooring specialists from Barefoot Timber Flooring we provide quality work on all projects we take on. With the keyword “best wooden flooring expert near me” you are always going to get us on the list. With a team of highly trained experts and consultants, we strive to provide you with the best solution as far as flooring needs are concerned.

We make sure that each of the products suit not only your taste but also the temperature and climate around you. As a consultant, we provide suggestions and advice to you as well on what to choose for the best finish.

The following are some of the other listed services that you can expect in wooden flooring at Barefoot Timber Flooring—

  • – Free measurement of the place where timber is to be installed on the floor. We also provide the best quotation.
  • – We ensure that your query and service are addressed in the quickest possible time.
  • – We use the latest technology to make sure that precise installation is carried out without leaving any scope to complain about the quality
  • Get in touch with us for detailed information. We are always ready to offer you the services you are looking for.


Even when there are so many flooring options floating around the market, wooden flooring is still one of the trendiest and most preferred options in Australia. And there are a few reasons for that:

  • -You can go for either engineered timber flooring or hardwood flooring. 
  • -These floors are easy to clean and maintain in the long run. 
  • -The style of your wooden flooring definitely adds good value to your home.
  • -You receive a good underfoot when you lay wooden flooring. 
  • -The colour & pattern designs are possibly endless.

You can buy & install both types of wood floorboards from Barefoot Timber in Sydney. So, call us whenever you need a reliable timber flooring expert near you!

In many places, you will see gaps in the wooden flooring, and that’s not good. However, you can stop the contraction & expansion of your wooden floors by doing a few things:

  • -Make sure to acclimatise the floorboards properly before initiating the installation. 
  • -You have to install the wood floor materials in the right manner. 
  • -It’s important to regulate the humidity inside the house to make sure there are no gaps in the flooring. 
  • -Look for those wood species that are dimensionally stable and hence, won’t succumb to gapping!

Call Barefoot Timber if you need further assistance. We are the Timber flooring specialists in Sydney!

Yes, homeowners can lay wooden flooring over their existing floor. However, there are a few conditions that are to be met or else you might see a lot of problems turning up in the future. 

To learn more, call the timber flooring specialists near you at Barefoot Timber!

It’s better to not use underfloor heating if you are installing solid timber floors in your home. They are not meant or designed to adapt to the fluctuating change in temperature. Inevitably, the flooring would get damaged. So you should avoid underfloor heating, especially if you want hardwood flooring

You can explore this topic further by contacting the timber flooring masters near you - Barefoot Timber Flooring!

This totally depends upon the size of your room and the type of floorboard you choose. Simply take a measuring tape and check  the room’s length x width. For example, if your room’s length is 12 feet and its width is also 12 feet, just multiply the numbers. 

Once you do this, call the folks at Barefoot Timber and tell us the square footage of your room. We will give you great options in hardwood and engineered timber flooring

Besides, you can call our team and get the measurement done. It’s that simple when you deal with the timber flooring specialists!

Yes, you can absolutely use masking tape along with a drop cloth. That’s one way to protect the hardwood flooring while painting. 

But if you want to know some other great methods, simply call Barefoot Timber’s number!