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Barefoot Timber Flooring Can Install Engineered Timber Flooring For A Perfect Floor Finish

Are you looking for something that is not only durable but also does not compromise with the real essence of the place? Are you looking for a flooring solution that would give you the finish of hardwood and remain cost-effective?

Well to all your search, we have the best-in-class product-engineered timber flooring. It is beautiful, cost-effective, and durable. This product is manufactured in a special way where it combines with a real hardwood surface along with a multi-layered core of plywood. Engineered timber flooring, has in the last few years, emerged as one of the popular choices for the Sydney houses that have been looking for luxury at the best price without compromising on the aesthetic appeal.

Barefoot Timber Flooring – Your Timber Flooring Experts

Barefoot Timber Flooring is the name you can rely on when it comes to getting quality engineered timber flooring in Sydney. We have been in the business for years and have ensured that our clients get the best flooring solutions at the best price. Therefore, we have a dedicated team of consultants/experts who would not only guide you in your selection based on your preferences but also ensure precise installation without distorting the finish.

We are a well-established Sydney based service and product provider, with a wide range of stocks. We make sure that we have met your requirements and preferences. We also recommend a suitable engineered timber flooring solution. Get in touch with us.

Floor Installers That Make The Installation Work Look Easy

Engineered oak flooring is a great option for your home. It’s durable and looks amazing. We have in-house floor installers who can install a beautiful engineered oak flooring in your home quickly and easily.

  • First, they will measure the area to determine each plank’s size and width to ensure that the floor will be even.
  • They will then install a few test planks, making sure everything is even and flat before removing those planks.
  • Our floor installers will then use a sander or a buffer on all the flooring boards to smooth them before installing them into your home.
  • And last, they will apply a dustless finish to the floor to enhance the beauty of your new engineered oak flooring in Sydney.

If you want further information about our engineered flooring installation work, you can call us or visit our showroom, and speak with our friendly team.

Why Choose Engineered Timber Flooring Solution?

With the presence of so many options in the flooring section, choosing a timber flooring solution comes with a bucket list of advantages. These are as follows:

  • With the advancement in technology and its application, most of the engineered timber flooring comes with immaculate finishing. This reduces the overall time consumed in the installation of the floor and hence the completion of the project.
  • According to the research, engineered timber flooring is more stable structurally because of the presence of several layers. These do not allow the entire structure to either expand or contract to keep the entire surface intact.
  • As far as cleaning and maintaining the surface is concerned, it is easy and convenient. Apart from using any harsh chemical, the surface of the engineered timber flooring can be cleaned thoroughly with a soft wipe.
  • The experts find it convenient to install engineered timber or oak flooring as they are opened with options. There are two different ways by which engineered timber flooring installation is done – either floating or sticking onto the surface.
  • Irrespective of whether it is a residential building or a commercial office, it can easily be installed at any of the places.

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We are one of the reliable, reputed suppliers and installation experts of engineering timber flooring in your city. We take care of all your requirements and cater to all possible related services. At our centre, we use the finest range of timber wood for a flooring solution. Contact us to know more. We are always there to offer you a comprehensive flooring solution.

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In many cases, it’s better to visit the Barefoot Timber Flooring showroom while shopping for flooring material. To get a more accurate idea of what materials you need, you’ll have the opportunity to see and touch them. Plus, you’ll get a better sense of how the different shades or colours look in your home.

Come to our showroom today and browse our range of engineering flooring and other products at affordable prices. As one of the leading providers of engineered timber flooring in Sydney, we have various options to suit all tastes and needs. Whether you are after a traditional style, contemporary look or with more modern designs, we can help you find the look that suits your interior design. We’re located in Gordon, NSW and we welcome you and your family to visit our showroom.

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There are several advantages of timber floors that a homeowner should know if they are keen to install this material in their homes. 

  • -Thanks to the click-lock system, it’s easy to install engineered timber flooring.
  • -You can easily clean the floor.
  • -Looks pretty much as solid timber flooring.
  • -These floors are durable and can withstand a good amount of foot traffic.
  • -You have lots of colour and finish options when you go for engineered timber flooring.

If you want to learn more about this wonderful timber flooring option, call the folks at Barefoot Timber!

We have heard this question being asked by lots of our customers. Well, there are a few things you can consider before choosing a particular type of engineered timber flooring:

  • -You should know about the wood species you are about to install in your home.
  • -Then, you have to choose a grade of engineered wood that will be laid down on the sub-floor.
  • -Now, look at the wear layer thickness and choose the ideal option for your home.
  • -And then, you have to pick the perfect dimensions when selecting floorboards.
  • -Last, you have to choose the best coating for your engineered timber flooring.

If you are still not sure which floorboard to choose for your home flooring, you can call Barefoot Timber!

You can probably replace the damaged plank of engineered timber flooring with a new floorboard. However, it’s difficult to repair them unless you call a professional company like Barefoot Timber

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